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thursday, september 3, 2009

while the dust settles

via andrew pearce - krop creative database on vi.sualize.us

thank you to everyone who stopped by yesterday with advice and encouragement about white floors! i really appreciate your input, and now just need to sort through my options. i have to say, after all the back and forth about concrete, i'm starting to lean toward reclaimed wood that's been bleached/finished white. but the verdict is still out.

ersatz home via flickr

while the quest to make my home more of a home continues, i thought i'd leave you with a couple of nice things to do today:

check out di's big fat sale over at ghost furniture--everything is 50% off! i adore her work and know you'll find something to tempt you.

juergen teller, self-portrait with charlotte rampling

if you're at all into fashion photography, you'll want to read this interview posted over at the moment with juergen teller, whose book about his eleven year collaboration with marc jacobs, "marc jacobs advertising 1998-2009 by juergen teller", debuts next week.

wednesday, september 2, 2009

paint it white (?)

home design/interior decorator mavens, please sit up and take notice! today above all days is the day i'd love for you to give me your opinion. anyone else who has installed a white floor, please feel free as well.

bleached hand-scraped walnut: not an option

for some time i've been trying to figure out what to do about the cream carpet that covers my stairs and three bedrooms + loft area upstairs. it was in fairly new condition when i moved in and i had it steam cleaned, but something about it just bothers me. while i pondered this dilemma over the past two years, i've collected tons of photos of white floors, my favorite being the bleached walnut floors i saw in a spread of giada de laurentis' gorgeous home in architectural digest. at first i thought i would go this route, and while it's the perfect shade of wood to seamlessly transition from the travertine downstairs, financially it isn't practical. there are so many other things i want to do to the house, and so i came to the conclusion that i'd like it to be easy and not too hard on my pocketbook.

if this image from carolyn quartermaine's home were made of paper, it would be dogeared from the number of times i've looked at it over the past couple of years...

i went back and forth about the concept of white concrete floors. what if i slip and fall? it will be cold getting into bed. what if i ruin the resale value of my house? then i got over it.

i ordered this headboard and it arrived cracked twice, so i finally had to abandon the idea, but the floors grew on me.

via marie claire maison

i'm not worried about keeping white floors clean, i.e. the daily once-over they'll need (i'm a clean freak by nature), but i do have two major concerns. first, the fumes from the expoxy--how toxic are they? i don't want to be living in a poisonous environment. obviously this means white laminate is out. second: will there be skid marks every time i pull out a chair? does this mean an eames rocker is out of the question on this kind of floor? what happens when you rearrange the furniture (which i do on a regular basis)?

via {this is glamorous}

sadly, this is not the view from my house, but almost the identical one from my mom's. she's old-school though and would never consider white cement, ever. but for me, i like the look of a white floor for my house, not so much for the austerity, but because it would fit into the slight beach feel that has slowly permeated my once leaning-toward-the-modern space. this weekend i was in a store near the beach that had white painted brick flooring. it was very charming.

one of my favorite shots from domino

i also looked into white cork. it seems to be available, but is more off-white than white and i'm concerned about it all matching once it's laid down as i read on a cork website that color varies between pieces.

finally, not to get too fancy but there's also the high-gloss option:

via apartmenttherapy (with quite a few interesting comments)

okay all you talented and brilliant readers...what's your take?

tuesday, september 1, 2009

the gypsy in me and you...

i couldn't resist posting this layout for v magazine that hits stands tomorrow--it touches on almost every major trend for fall and features my favorite, kate. almost makes me want to throw out my entire wardrobe and move to rural cornwall to live with the gypsies, don't you agree?

the season's must: a military jacket, this one relaxed and worn oh-so-boho with shorts + boots. don't you adore the floral curtain on the background caravan?

the antler trend. need i say more? oh yes and a little motorcycle vest.

um, hard to tell what she's wearing here, but looks quite nice, whatever it is.

fall's mandatory animal print sweater. i like this trend even though we've seen it before.

a cape/coat in a yummy milk chocolate textured wool + the fedora lives on!

a sparkly vintage-esque cocktail dress in champagne lace, combat boots & messy hair.

the reigning gray jeans, cut-out shoulder tee + vest, eccentric top hat. and kids. don't forget kids! family is the biggest trend going right now. i think it's sweet.

before i say goodbye, i want to mention that tomorrow i'll be back with a serious design question for all you interior decor mavens. hoping you will please stop by and give me your much needed input!


monday, august 31, 2009

inglourious inspiration

diane kruger as bridget von hammersmark

hoping you had a wonderful weekend! we decided to walk out of 500 days (sorry all you zoe fans) and catch inglourious basterds instead. i'd heard such a mixed bag of reviews, but ended up really enjoying it (although had to cover my eyes during some of the hard-core violence). the way diane kruger's chic german movie star character dressed reminded me of a couple of pieces in my new line.

black silk stretch charmeuse knot dress lined in charmeuse from my new mary jo matsumoto line.

faux fur bolero lined in black silk charmeuse from my new line.

knot dress in red stretch silk charmeuse, lined in gray charmeuse.

velvet halter gown lined in black charmeuse from my new line.

click here for more on inglourious basterds.